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Dedicated to all things windy!

Whilst we do not hold any races for yachts, any of us are keen model sailors and our boats vary from the antique scale yachts to modern composite racers with most things in between.

Resident Expert:


FEATURED BOAT: Velsheda by Neil Hodson

Based on an Alan Horne fibreglass hull, this is as close to a 1/32 scale replica of the J class yacht Velsheda as I could manage with the Internet photos available.  The deck is planked with 100 metres of 2mm x 0.5mm lime strip wood.  Each plank is edged with pencil to mimic corking.  Deckhouses are made from 1.5mm mahogany with brass fittings throughout.  Sail control is via a single sail winch running a fixed Dacron loop along an aluminium bar.  Main and jib sheets attach to this loop using custom brass fittings.  The mast and boom were carved from spruce strip wood to achieve the desired taper and fitted with brass spreaders.  The sails are made from cotton bed-sheets treated with starch and coat water repellant.  The mainsail is made from 5 pieces each of which is shaped to give the desired luff.  The sail can be dropped down the mast on a rail to reef or completely down to stow the sail.  The Foresail is a single piece and I have a smaller Jib for use when there is more than a puff of wind.  All of the deckhouses contain an LED and there are 12 LEDs set into the deck for night sailing.  Mast lighting is complete with topmast and navigation lights.
The model sails very well in little or no wind but struggles to stay upright as the wind gets up.