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01/04/2016 - GVMBC Annual Dinner - The Limes, Needham Market

We started off the season well at the Limes. Good food and good service made for a lovely evening for those who attended. Let’s hope more make the effort next year.

30/03/2016 - GVMBC Spring Night Sail - Needham Lake

These are always well attended and this year we had a good crowd turn out to watch as well.  The weather was very kind to us with clear skies and little wind (good job too as I broke my Sail Servo in the afternoon!).
We can now claim “As seen on TV” !  Chris from Shipping TV shot two videos for their Web Channel:
Video 1 - HMS Fearless and an interview with our Chairman

   Video 2 - Other boats, but mostly Craig’s Vietnam River Boat

If anyone took any photos, please could you send them to me?

15/05/2016 - Pakenham Mill Event

Another good event with some 20 GVMBC boats on show and on the Mill Pond.

02/07/2016 - HobbyKing Event - Rougham Airfield

An enjoyable event, even if we did end up with two badly wind-damaged gazebos (much needle and thread action needed).

The organisers built us a pond from bales and a tarp which was a great feature in front of our display.

No pictures available

09/07/2016 - Bedfield Village Fete

Another well attended event for GVMBC.  The fete was not as busy as last year but Dennis, Alan, Keith and I put on a good show.  The weather was very breezy.  So much so that I was forced to display my yachts without sails!

No pictures available

16/07/2016 - GVMBC Club Barbecue

Many thanks to Carol and Cliff for a wonderful spread with good company and in lovely surroundings.

26/10/2016 - Autumn Night Sail

The weather held off just long enough during the evening.  There were some interesting colour schemes on display, including HMS Fearless dressed up like a cruise liner!

No pictures available