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Joining and Renewal fees

(Applicable until From Nov 2022)


Fees and Penalties

All New Members, except Associate, will be subject to the £5.00 Admin Fee irrespective of the date of joining.  This is to cover the cost of their Lanyard and Membership card.

Late Payment

Unless special circumstances prevent a member renewing their subscription and fees by the 31st December they will have been deemed to have resigned from the Club and will have to pay the administrative fee on re-joining.

Holidays, out of the country or forgetting will not be considered as “Special Circumstances”

Any appeal for special circumstances should be made in the First Person to the Chairman who will  discuss it with the Club Executives. Their decision is final.

Associate Members

Associate Members are non-sailing members, they may attend and speak at Club meetings and at the AGM but have no voting rights.

They may be family or carers of a full member.

Associate Members who are responsible for a Club Member with learning difficulties or mental impairment can vote in proxy for  their charge.

Guest Sailing

Guests can sail, free of charge, for three visits after which they will be invited to join as a Full Member.

Guests are to comply with the Club rules as explained to them by Club Members.

Under 18s

Any person under the age of 18 is to be accompanied by a parent or guardian who shall be held responsible for their charge and to obey the rules set out to them.  

The responsible person is to remain with them while they are sailing.

Membership Type



Full Member


Includes £5 Admin Fee

Full Member Renewal


Honorary Member


Associate Member


Non-Sailing Member

New Member after June 1st


Includes £5 Admin Fee