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08/05/2022 - Pakenham Mill: Wildlife Day

The first of 3 visits to this lovely venue for this year

05/06/2022 - Needham Market Raft Race

18/06/2022 - Ipswich Transport Museum - ‘4-Way’ Exhibition

26/06/2022 - Pakenham Mill: Vintage Power Day

09/07/2022 - Bedfield Fete

06/08/2022 - GVMBC OPEN DAY

Our main event of the year, on home turf, saw a large turnout of boats and a few Tanks as well.  The Tombola and Have-a-go boats were very popular and we gained several new members into the club.

Thank you to all those who turned out for the day to display and help out with stalls etc. We could not manage an event like that without your selfless efforts.

28/08/2022 and 29/08/2022 - Model Mania Exhibition

Boats were not much in evidence from GVMBC this year. On the Sunday, the boats were nearly outnumbered by the Tanks as both Pete and Matty brought theirs along.  Neil managed to fill two tables with some larger models.  Monday saw a change as Pete and Alan represented the club well.  Alan brought a good number of boats and the event was well attended.