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                                    DENNIS, NEW VIKING BOAT

Hi all,

The evolvement of my new built came in April 2019, knowing me it had to be something different.....”VIKING SHIP”. First hurdle was how big, this was easy , measure my internal size of the trailer = 9’-6”.... ponder ?...if I make the dragons head detachable I can stretch to 9’-4” o/a.

Laid my rope out on the workshop floor to get the shape to suit 9’-4”, took some dimension’s, put pencil to paper and away I went. Located a timber supply that was ideal for the construction and made a start. Needed a rowing mechanism for twenty rowers which would be propulsion and steering, the crew, reinvented “Action men”.

Designed a drive mechanism, took my drawings and dimensions to Castlebroom Precision Engineers, explained to Steve what I wanted to achieve..... three weeks later I collected my Aluminium sections. Started to lighten the sections as much as possible, drill and tap all holes ready for assembly.

Photos that follow are the pictorial build history from day one to completion.They show the building of the rowing mechanism, the crew alterations and the structure of the boat.....ENJOY